Hike Tolland, CT

If you’re looking for the best hiking trails in Tolland this is the complete guide to all the long trails, disc golf, and history it has to offer.



Town Parks

  • Auperin Conservation Area –★– <1 mile — A short side trail that connects to Weigold and the Tobiassen Forest
  • Becker Conservation Area –★★– 1 mile — The current terminus of the Willimantic River Trail on this short loop
  • Campbell’s Peaceful Valley –★– 2.2 miles — A great rocky overlook with plenty of trails to explore and a connection to Stoppleworth
  • Crandall Park –★★★– 5 miles — Popular town park with hiking and mountain biking trails, a beach, courts, fields, pavilions, and more
  • Cross Farms –★★– 1 mile — There is an seldom used hiking trail here though half has been taken over by the disc golf course
  • Crystal Peat Conservation Area — Unexplored
  • Heron Cove –★★– <1 mile — Mainly a boat launch into the Willimantic River, but there is a short loop trail that follows the banks
  • King Riverside –★★– 1.2 miles — Part of the Willimantic River hiking trail with the remains of Peck’s Mill and the the District IV schoolhouse
  • Knofla Conservation Area –★★– 2.9 miles — Forested trails lead down to Knofla’s Pond, a bog view, and hilly loops
  • Luce Conservation Area –★★– 1 mile — Tiny cascades on Charter Brook, a rocky spine covered in young pines, and a flooded stonewall
  • Nedweid Conservation Area –★– 1 mile — Seldom used section of the Willimantic River hiking trail connects to King Riverside
  • Palmer Kendall Mountain –★★★– 1.5 miles — A ridge overlook, the “knob”, and a rock jumble they call a “quarry”
  • Parciak Conservation Area –★★– 2.8 miles — A “meteor” and a quartz boulder highlight the trails here
  • River Park –★★– 1 mile — Oddly there are no river views from the park, but trails connect to the Becker CA which do
  • Schindler/Schmidt Conservation Area –★★– 3.8 miles — Mostly easy walking on old roads through rocky terrain
  • Shafran Conservation Area –★★– 1.4 miles — One of the most peaceful places with pines, ferns, and clear streams
  • Stoppleworth Conservation Area –★– 1 mile — An old cellar hole, birch lined paths, and a connection to Campbell’s Peaceful Valley
  • Weigold Conservation Area –★– <1 mile — A short trail that connects to Auperin and the Tobiassen Forest

Land Trust – Joshua’s Trust

  • Madeline Regan Preserve –★★– 1 mile — A figure eight hiking loop preserving a section of the Old Connecticut Path and a dramatic esker
  • Tobiassen Forest –★★– 2 miles — A short wooded loop with some grand old trees

State Parks / Forest

Blue Blaze – Shenipsit Trail

  • Shenipsit Lake –★★– 1 mile — The Connecticut Water Co. trolley trail, flat easy walking with a view or two of the lake

The Rest

  • Benton Homestead –★– <1 mile — A short unmaintained loop next to the roar of I-84, the homestead is a museum
  • Willimantic River Trail — Tolland is the current northern terminus of this long trail

Disc Golf

Full 18-hole wooded disc golf course



Now get out and hike Tolland, CT!

Madeline Regan Preserve


1154 Tolland Stage Rd, Tolland, CT

Madeline Reagan Preserve Joshua’s Trust 29 acres in Tolland, CT Parking: Small lot near 1154 Tolland Stage Rd, Tolland, CT Trail Map          Trails: 1… Read more…

Nye-Holman State Forest


41.881992, -72.307428

Nye-Holman State Forest Connecticut State Forest 818 acres in Tolland, CT Parking: River Access/Walking – Small lot near on Tolland Stage Rd  Archery/Camping – Medium lot near… Read more…

Heron Cove


41.876902, -72.310465

Heron Cove Tolland Town Park 35 acres in Tolland, CT Parking: Large lot at 125 South River Road, Tolland, CT Trail Map        Trails: Less than… Read more…

Palmer Kendall Mountain


145 Cook Rd, Tolland, CT, USA

Palmer Kendall Mountain Conservation Area Tolland Conservation Area 74 acres in Tolland, CT Parking: Small pull off near 145 Cook Rd Tolland, CT Trail Map       … Read more…