Willimantic River Hiking Trail

Willimantic River Hiking Trail

The Willimantic River Hiking Trail follows the river seven miles north from Mansfield to Tolland.  I hiked the length of the trail in spring 2021 and was able to easily navigate the entire length.  Surprisingly the first view of the river is over a half mile into the trail and the first time you can touch the water is over two miles in.

Unfortunately the Willimantic River Alliance seems to be active, so development of the trail is on pause.  However, hopefully at some point in the future the trail can be extended in either direction.

Section List

Nedweid Conservtion Area


41.849579, -72.310807

Nedwied Conservation Area Tolland Conservation Area 15 acres in Tolland, CT Parking: Shoulder parking between 106 and 116 Fox Ridge Lane Tolland, CT Trail Map    Trails: Less… Read more…

King Riverside



King Riverside Conservation Area Tolland Town Park 30 acres public access, 173 total in Tolland, CT Parking: Medium sized lot near 15 Dimock Road Tolland, CT Trail… Read more…

Riverview Trail Park


41.824215, -72.314093

Riverview Trail Park Coventry Town Park 10 acres in Coventry, CT Parking: Shoulder parking near 13 Merrow Rd, Storrs, CT Trail Map       Trails: Less than… Read more…

Merrow Meadow


41.822443, -72.313051

Merrow Meadow Park Mansfield Town Park 33 acres in Mansfield, CT Parking: Small lot near 13 Merrow Rd, Storrs, CT Trail Map     Trails: Less than a mile … Read more…