Have you ever dreamed of uncovering the hidden gems and breathtaking trails of Connecticut, all before even hitting the trail? By becoming a member of ExploreCT, you’re not just supporting a platform; you’re fueling a passion and a mission to bring the beauty of our state’s natural wonders right to your fingertips.

Imagine expanding your access to meticulously researched hiking guides, captivating movies that bring trails to life, an insightful newsletter, and handy primers and itineraries with hidden spots and seasonal highlights. Your membership isn’t just a contribution; it’s a key to unlocking a world of adventure.

Member benefits being built:

  • Community Space – Engage with fellow explorers and turn your adventures into a shared experience, post photos, plan hikes together, and chat
  • Day Trip and Itinerary Packs – Choose from preselected trips around the state with flexible itineraries hitting hikes, paddles, breweries, shops, and food all in one area.
  • AI Chat – An ever-ready plugin to the site that you can easily chat with to recommend hikes based on what you’re looking for – trail difficulty, specific distances, or just the top hike in your area
  • Modules – Delve into individual modules that take you on deep dives into Connecticut’s waterfalls, caves, towers, sunset views, and more. Each module is a journey in itself, revealing the hidden gems of our state.
  • The Complete Connecticut Explorer’s Guide – gain access to a complete guide, available as an eBook. This guide is your ultimate companion for discovering every nook and cranny of Connecticut’s breathtaking landscapes.
  • A “multi-player” version or app – Track your hikes and progress through the state. Earn badges for completing exciting challenges, and see how you stack up on our leaderboards. Are you ready to be a Connecticut completionist?
  • Seasonal Primers – Get insider knowledge on the best spots to visit each season. Our seasonal primers offer tips and secrets to experiencing Connecticut’s natural beauty in its seasonal prime.

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