Schindler/Schmidt Conservation Area




Schindler/Schmidt Conservation Area

Tolland Town Park

123 acres in Tolland, CT

Parking: Shoulder parking near 344 Sugar Hill Road Tolland, CT

Trail Map      Trails: 3.8 miles     Rating: Unexplored

 The Schindler/Schmidt Conservation Area has 3.8 miles of trails.  The longest trail is the yellow-blazed outer loop at 1.8 miles.  A 1.4 mile ridge trail that is part of Sugar Hill.  The trail map also notes a ‘scenic rock’. Though a recent visit to the town site shows “If visiting the Schindler/Schmidt Conervation Area, please be aware that the “Scenic Rock” is located on private property. At this point, visitors may not trespass. We thank you for your cooperation.”

From the town’s site,

“The property contains a number of valuable resources. There is a mature interior Oak-Hickory upland forest that has not been logged in over 90 years. There are also many hemlock and chestnut trees. It is a critical part of a biologically diverse forest. There are two unique bogs: one an open bog and the other a scrub/shrub bog. The latter provides an opportunity to view sundews and pitcher plants in their natural habitat.  The dense forest with bogs, caves, and rocky outcrops is suitable for amphibians, hawks, woodcocks, foxes, bobcats, and bears. There is numerous evidence of bears, fisher cats and nesting owls.


Established as a conservation area in 2007, the town’s site notes, “Cranberries were cultivated in the bog area in the 1800s.”


Peter Marteka – A Walk in the Wilds of Tolland (2009)

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