Joshua's Trust

Joshua’s Trust is one of Connecticut’s largest land trusts.  Operating in the northeast corner of the state they protect more than 4,500 acres across 60 properties.  Not all their preserves are hikeable.  I explored every property (at the time) in 2016 and made movies for each town, find the YouTube playlist by clicking here.

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Allanach-Wolf Woodlands

Babcock Preserve

Bradley-Buchanan Woods

Chenes Roches Preserve

Church Farm

Coney Rock Preserve

Dorothy Goodwin Reserve

Dunham Woods

Elizabeth Couch Preserve

Fliegel Farm Woods

Friedman Forest

Gurleyville Grist Mill

Hemphill Woods

Holt-Kinney Woods

Hubbard Sanctuary & Agnes’ Pasture

Iron Mine Valley

Josias Byles Sanctuary

Knowlton Hill Preserve

Löf Woodlands

Owen’s Mere

Pappenheimer Preserve

Pigeon Swamp Preserve

Potter Meadow

Pond Lot

Preston Nature Sanctuary

Proposal Rock

Tinkerville Brook

Tobiassen Memorial Forest

Two Sisters Tract

Utley Hill Preserve

Whetten Woods

Wolf Rock Nature Preserve

Tobiassen Forest


41.837496, -72.368407

Doris and Al Tobiassen Memorial Forest Joshua’s Trust Property 84 acres in Tolland, CT Parking: At the cul-de-sac near 33 I/010, Tolland, CT Trail Map     … Read more…

Church Farm


41.838798, -72.171105

Church Farm Joshua’s Trust Property 79 acres in Ashford, CT Parking: Shoulder parking near 179 Varga Rd Ashford, CT for the loop and small pull off across… Read more…

Utley Hill Preserve


41.697347, -72.324801

Utley Hill Preserve Joshua’s Trust Property and Columbia Town Park 275 acres in Columbia, CT (125 for Joshua’s Trust and 150 for the town) Parking: Large lots… Read more…

Tinkerville Brook


41.927542, -72.207901

Tinkerville Brook Joshua’s Trust Preserve 42 acres in Ashford, CT Parking: Small pull-off near 135 Armitage Rd, Ashford, CT Trail Map Trails: 1.2 miles    Rating: ★★☆☆☆… Read more…

Whetten Woods


41.807737, -72.239070

Nate and Theora Whetten Woods Joshua’s Trust Property 37 acres in Mansfield, CT Parking: At the Hope Lutheran Church near 62 Dog Ln, Storrs, CT Small lot… Read more…

Bernard Church Woods


41.818962, -72.153062

Bernard Church Woods Joshua’s Trust Property 37 acres in Chaplin, CT Parking: Shoulder parking near 385 Bujak Rd, Chaplin, CT Trail Map      Trails: 0.5 miles … Read more…

Wolf Rock


41.758975, -72.213081

Wolf Rock Nature Preserve Joshua’s Trust 108.3 acres in Mansfield, CT Parking: Shoulder parking near 62 Crane Hill Rd Storrs, CT Trail Map Wolf Rock’s main feature… Read more…

Holt Kinney Woods


41.764099, -72.206821

Holt-Kinney Woods Joshua’s Trust 21 acres in Mansfield, CT Parking: Shoulder parking at 76 Browns Rd, Storrs, CT or from Schoolhouse Brook Park Trail Map Recently expanded… Read more…

Chenes Roches Preserve


65 Blair Road, Willington, CT

Chenes Roches Preserve Joshua’s Trust Land Trust 56 acres in Willington, CT Parking: Small lot for 2-3 cars at 65 Blair Road, Willington, CT Trail Map This property… Read more…