Allanach-Wolf Woodlands

Joshua’s Trust

102.6 acres in Windham, CT

Parking: Small lot near 164 Back Rd, Windham, CT

Trail Map            Trails: 1.5 miles          Rating: ★★☆☆☆

The Allanach-Wolf Woodlands is one of my favorite Joshua’s Trust properties though the trails are short at only 1.5 miles I’ve found myself visiting time after time.

Following the paved entrance trail there is a short walk through a pollinator garden to an viewpoint of Lake Marie then recrosses the pavement to a short less traveled loop through the woods.

The trail then crosses the pavement again to enter the Shoreline Trail between tall pines with views of the water and a short spur out to a picnic area on a small peninsula.  You then reconnect to the pavement near the only building remaining on the property a garage with a wide view over the water.

The yellow trail then heads down to cross Ballymahack Brook and another short spur trail out to a bird blind along the water’s edge.  The yellow trail curves through the woods to head north on an old cart path.  It recrosses Ballymahack Brook and recent beaver activity has lightly flooded the trail though there are just enough rocks to keep your feet dry.

As of 2023 the trail now extends past its previous terminus at the edge of the property to continue about 0.4 miles farther north to connect to 103 acres of forest owned by the Wolf Den Land Trust (purchased from George Cloutier in 2013 who had owned it since 1954).

Fishing and boating are prohibited in Lake Marie.


Preserved in 2007 when it was donated by Ada Wolf.  The property was dedicated and officially opened on May 23, 2010.  In 2012, Joshua’s Trust added another 20 acres to Allanach-Wolf through the purchase of 17 acres from the Town of Windham, and the donation of 3.5 acres by Dr. Stein.

In July 2018, Senator Chris Murphy held one of his walk-and-talk sessions with local residents at the preserve.


Peter Marteka – A Simple Request To Preserve A Place Of Natural Beauty (2012)

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