Hike Windham, CT

(Part of Windham County)

If you’re looking for the best hiking trails in Windham this is the complete guide to all the long trails, waterfalls, and history it has to offer.

Windham has five hiking locations for 10 miles of trails, three boating options, and some giant frogs.



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  • The pine grove at Allanach-Wolf
  • The new bridge and river walk on the Hop River Trail


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Town Parks

  • Lauter Park –★★– No trails – Ground to walk around, picnic pavilion, and Willimantic River access
  • Willimantic Whitewater Park –★– No trails – Open grounds with a view of a waterfall that hold the weekly farmer’s market and one day hopefully a full whitewater park

Land Trust

State Parks / Forest

The Rest

  • Frog Bridge – No trails but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention the giant frogs on the bridge
  • Windham Airport Dyke –★★– 1.4 miles – A popular paved walking path between Windham Airport and the Mansfield Hollow Dam (Parking Link) [/expand]

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Windham was settled by colonists as early as 1686 and it was incorporated in May 1692 making it the 32nd oldest town in Connecticut.  It named for either Windham in Sussex or from Wymondham in Norfolk.

The first church erected on the Windham Green in 1700 and Windham Center was the historical population center until increasing industrialization made the mills in Willimantic more profitable and populated in the 1800s.

During the Victorian era, Willimantic was the center for the production of silk and cotton thread, and many of the mansions in the Victorian Hill section of Willimantic were built.

In 1985 The American Thread Company, Windham’s largest employer, left the area resulting in a period of decline until the areas recent development.[/expand]

Now go out and hike Windham, CT!

Willimantic Whitewater Park


28 Bridge St, Willimantic, CT, USA

Willimantic Whitewater Park Willimantic Town Park 1 acre in Windham, CT Parking: Small lot near 28 Bridge St, Willimantic, CT Trail Map         Trails: No…

Allanach Wolf Woodlands


41.709628, -72.137912

Allanach-Wolf Woodlands Joshua’s Trust 102.6 acres in Windham, CT Parking: Small lot near 164 Back Rd, Windham, CT Trail Map            Trails: 1.5 miles …

Beaver Brook State Park


483 Back Rd, Windham, CT 06280

Beaver Brook State Park Connecticut State Park 401 acres in Chaplin and Windham, CT Parking: Small lot at 483 Back Rd, Windham, CT 06280 Trail Map     …