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  • Dunn Preserve★– 0.5 miles – An old driveway leads down to the Quinebaug River and an abandoned house
  • Edward Laby Memorial Preserve – Unexplored


  • Fitz Preserve Children’s Discovery Trail – Unexplored
  • Tillinghast Preserve★★★– 5 miles – Combined with the Sugar Brook area there is a nice forested loop on glacial terrain


  • Aicher Holzer Preserve – Unexplored
  • Duck Marsh Preserve – Unexplored
  • Gellert/Valentine Preserve – Unexplored
  • Lyon Preserve – Unexplored
  • Three B’s Preserve ★★★– 8 miles – These three Bosworth, Butner, and Butts combine with the Bafflin Sanctuary for a network of trails
  • Wright Preserve – Unexplored


  • Tamler Preserve★★– 0.65 miles – Simple trail on an old road to a rocky loop



  • Cabbage Hill ★★– 1.5 miles – Mowed paths to a great field view and an old cemetary
  • Cartier Preserve ★★– 1.2 miles – New unblazed trail through an ocean of ferns and dense mountain laurel
  • Little River Greenway –★– 0.15 miles – Very short boardwalk with no views
  • Rapoport Preserve★– 1.5 miles – Overgrown trails without much to note
  • Rocky Hill Refuge ★– 0.5 miles – Overgrown farm road that leads nowhere

Little River Greenway


Little River Greenway, Little Pond Road, Woodstock, CT, USA

Little River Greenway Preserve Wyndham Land Trust 55 acres in Woodstock, CT Parking: Pull off for two cars near Little Pond Rd, Woodstock, CT Trail Map    … Read more…

Cartier Preserve


41.915667, -72.022337

Cartier Preserve Wyndham Land Trust 86 acres in Woodstock, CT Parking: Shoulder parking near 161 Quarry Road Woodstock, CT Trail Map         Trails: 1 mile … Read more…

Cabbage Hill


Cabbage Hill Road, Woodstock, CT, USA

Cabbage Hill Preserve Wyndham Land Trust 112 acres in Woodstock, CT Parking: Small lot at the end of Cabbage Hill Rd Trail Map        Trails:… Read more…

Bull Hill


198-162 Bull Hill Rd, Woodstock, CT 06281, USA

Bull Hill Project Wyndham Land Trust Property 994 acres in Woodstock and Thompson, CT Parking: Small lot uphill from 174 Bull Hill Rd Woodstock, CT Trail Map   … Read more…

Rocky Hill Refuge


41.933477, -72.032128

Rocky Hill Refuge Wyndham Land Trust 57 acres in Woodstock, CT Parking: Shoulder parking near 321 Rocky Hill Rd Woodstock, CT Trail Map        Trails:… Read more…

Robbins Preserve


41.995173, -71.810221

Robbins/O’Leary/Blain Preserve Wyndham Land Trust 158 acres in Thompson, CT Parking: Small pull-off near 2 Fred Davis Rd, Thompson, CT Trail Map          Trails: 2.2… Read more…

Aicher Preserve


41.907592, -71.948876

Aicher Holzer Preserve Wyndham Land Trust 189.8 acres in Pomfret, CT Parking: Shoulder parking at the farm gate near 151 Freedley Rd, Pomfret Center, CT Aerial Map   … Read more…

Wright Preserve


41.862626, -71.960772

Wright Preserve Wyndham Land Trust 42.7 acres in Pomfret, CT Parking: Across the road at the Bafflin Sanctuary parking at 85 Pomfret St, Pomfret Center, CT Aerial Map … Read more…

Tamler Preserve


41.936686, -71.809201

Tamler Preserve Wyndham Land Trust 220 acres in Putnam and Thompson, CT Parking: Shoulder parking near 128 Elmwood Hill Rd Thompson, CT Trail Map       Trails: 0.65 miles … Read more…