Robbins/O’Leary/Blain Preserve

Wyndham Land Trust

158 acres in Thompson, CT

Parking: Small pull-off near 2 Fred Davis Rd, Thompson, CT

Trail Map          Trails: 2.2 miles        Rating: ★★☆☆☆

From the parking area the trail starts off to the left climbing a small rise which opens with a grand view of a meadow below.  The trail is an unblazed gravel driveway.  After passing down through the meadow the trail forks.

The left fork alternates forest road and meadow dotted with bird boxes before dead ending at a gate on Quaddick Town Farm Road.

The right fork joins the Fivemile River which was low but running well on my visit. The trail alternates between gravel and old overgrown asphalt before crossing the river on an old metal bridge.  Several trails branch off to the left a different points but they all quickly are stopped by private property signs.  I’d guess they continue to the backside of Thompson Speedway which was audible with cars doing laps for much of the hike. Continuing on the main trail dead ends at metal gate also on the border with private property.

I was pretty underwhelmed by this hike, but it certainly provides an easy stroll with a couple interesting views.


From the Wyndham Land Trust site,

The Preserve is a combination of three separate parcels. The first parcel acquired was in June 2012 and consisted of 126 acres purchased from Malcolm Robbins through a partnership between the land trust, the Nature Conservancy, and an Open Space matching grant from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. A second, 5-acre parcel was donated in late 2012 by Norma O’Leary and the third, 27-acre parcel was purchased by the land trust in 2018.


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Last updated July 17th, 2022

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