Josias Byles Sanctuary

Joshua’s Trust Property

69 acres in Ashford, CT

Parking: Small pull off near 111 Ashford Center Rd Ashford, CT

Trail Map       Trails: 1.6 miles          Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Simple trails here are a loop through mostly open forest.  The viewpoint at the back of the yellow loop is lackluster with marshy views of the Mt. Hope River.

The meadow up the steep hill just off the orange trail is bush hogged every two years to prevent forest encroachment and encourage habitat for monarchs and rare warblers.


Preserved in 1988. The preserve is named for Josias Byles one of the original settlers of Ashford, the land is his former homestead (though his house is private property).


CTMQ – JT: Josias Byles Sanctuary (2017)

Joshua’s Trust – Meadow Clearing

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Last updated December 1st, 2019


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