Hike Thompson, CT

If you’re looking for the best hiking trails in Thompson this is the complete guide to all the overlooks, waterways, and history it has to offer (plus a state border Tri point!)



Town Parks

  • Border Trail –★★– <1 mile – Access
  • Fisherman’s Walk Trail –Unexplored– 1 mile –
  • Riverside Park and River Trail

Land Trust

  • Wyndham Land Trust
    • Bull Hill Project  –★★– 1 mile –
    • LeClair Preserve
    • Long Pond Preserve
    • Robbins Preserve
    • Tamler Preserve 0.6 miles

State Parks / Forest

Blue Blaze

  • None

The Rest

  • West Thompson Dam/Lake Trails –★– 1 mile —


  • Long Pond Preserve
  • West Thompson Lake
  • Quinebaug River Fabyan Launch (Parking Link)

Now go out and hike , CT!

Robbins Preserve


41.995173, -71.810221

Robbins/O’Leary/Blain Preserve Wyndham Land Trust 158 acres in Thompson, CT Parking: Small pull-off near 2 Fred Davis Rd, Thompson, CT Trail Map       Trails: 2.2 miles … Read more…

Tamler Preserve


41.936686, -71.809201

Tamler Preserve Wyndham Land Trust 220 acres in Putnam and Thompson, CT Parking: Shoulder parking near 128 Elmwood Hill Rd Thompson, CT Trail Map.       Trails: 1 mile … Read more…

LeClair Preserve


41.951405, -71.808470

LeClair Preserve Wyndham Land Trust 74.5 acres in Thompson, CT Parking: Shoulder parking near 700 Quaddick Town Farm Rd Thompson, CT may provide access Trail Map.     … Read more…

Quaddick State Park


41.957243, -71.817554

Quaddick State Park Connecticut State Park 116 acres in Thompson, CT Parking: Medium sized lot near 818 Quaddick Town Farm Rd, Thompson, CT Trail Map       … Read more…