Hike Columbia, CT

(Part of Tolland County)

If you’re looking for the best hiking trails in Columbia this is the complete guide to all the long trails, hidden caves, and mill history it has to offer.

Columbia has six hiking areas for about 8 miles of trails.



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Town Parks

  • Island Woods –★★– 0.5 miles – Uneventful forested walk at the back of a housing development
  • Columbia Recreation Park –★★– 2.75 miles – Combines with Utley Hill for varied trails and a bit of mill history
  • Sunrise Drive & Ten Mile River Access – Both of these appear to have disappeared due to housing developments
  • Szedga Farm –★★– 2 miles – Upper and lower trails through the small forest ridges

Land Trust

State Parks / Forest

Blue Blaze

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The Rest

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  • Columbia Lake
  • Mono Pond
  • Ten Mile River [/expand]

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Columbia was incorporated from lands in Lebanon in May of 1804, making it the 113th oldest town in Connecticut.  The name Columbia and chosen for the poetic name of the United States.


Now go out and hike Columbia, CT!

Potter Meadow


41.713640, -72.245125

Potter Meadow Preserve Joshua’s Trust Land Trust 34 acres in Columbia, CT Parking: At the end of the cul-de-sac near 98 Commerce Dr, Columbia, CT Trail Map … Read more…

Utley Hill Preserve


41.697347, -72.324801

Utley Hill Preserve and Columbia Recreation Park Joshua’s Trust Property and Columbia Town Park 275 acres in Columbia, CT (125 for Joshua’s Trust and 150 for the… Read more…

Mono Pond State Park


41.678741, -72.310645

Mono Pond State Park Reserve Connecticut State Park / Scenic Reserve 218 acres in Columbia, CT Parking: Medium sized lot near 120 Hunt Rd Columbia, CT Trail Map …

Szegda Farm


41.701433, -72.288930

Szegda Farm Columbia Town Park 135 acres in Columbia, CT Parking: Upper Trails – Small lot near 43 Szegda Rd Columbia, CT Lower Trails – Medium lot near 42 Szegda…