Löf Woodlands

Joshua’s Trust Property

18 acres in Mansfield, CT

Parking: Shoulder parking near 90-298 Willington Hill Rd, Storrs, CT

Trail Map

This simple half-mile loop trail is flat and easy to walk.  I first visited in the Fall of 2016 when doing a walkthrough of every Joshua’s Trust property.  There wasn’t much to note here to other than I was really just starting to enjoy the hike as I completed the loop, just unfortunate there wasn’t more trail!


Preserved in 2009. The property is named for its former owner John Löf. From the Joshua’s Trust site,

For thirty years, when he wasn’t teaching electrical engineering at UConn or running the Computer Center, he tapped maple trees on the property and tended his garden, while his wife Ruth operated a bird-banding station, where she banded over 10,000 birds.


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