Schmid Overlook

Joshua’s Trust

20 acres in Coventry, CT

Parking: Shoulder parking near 88 Flanders Road, Coventry, CT

Trail Map         Trails: 0.6 miles            Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Schmid Overlook, one of Joshua’s Trust newest properties, isn’t quite ready for a grand opening.  A trail has been brush hogged and blazed, trash has been removed, and more plans are in the works, but a bit more needs to be done before it’s really worth checking out.


The trail starts at a small pull-off about halfway between the bridge over the Willimantic River and the Country Store.  The classic Joshua’s Trust yellow blazed trail heads down among the trees and quickly forks into a loop trail.  Taking the right fork brings you between a vernal pool and the large swamp on the property.  This area was a dumping ground in the past so a couple hundred feet of the trail are littered with broken glass, pottery, and rusting metal.  It’s mostly fine to walk over and I’m sure future work parties will improve it over time.

Past this the trails gets a bit rougher, but still blazed and easy enough to follow.  It soon reaches the Willimantic River and offers a few nice views.  One small stream runs through the property and with no bridge currently may be impassable when the water is high.  A few curves of the river later you cross over some sandy patches and return to the parking area.

The hike took about 15 minutes even with a few minutes enjoying the views along the banks of the river.


Looking forward, there are hopes to add a boat launch into the river here.


This area was owned by the Coutu family and was mined for sand and gravel many years ago. The Dunnack family who had a homestead nearby built a baseball field in a clearing on the property, but it has long since disappeared.


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Last updated March 12th, 2021

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