Natchaug Trail

Hike the Natchaug Trail

The Natchaug Trail is one of Connecticut’s blue blaze trails and runs 17 miles from Hampton through Chaplin and Eastford to meet the Nipmuck Trail in  Ashford.

The trail can be done in a single day from point to point or as a backpacking trip thanks to the lean-to campsite near Nathaniel Lyon State Park. The fastest known time to complete the trail one-way is 2h 24m 0s by Ben Quatromoni in May 2021.

The trail passes marshes, the Orchard Hill overlook, the Nathaniel Lyon homestead, and remote stretches along Bigelow Brook.

Section List:

  • Goodwin State Forest (Southern Terminus) –★★★– 4 miles — Passes Pine Acres Pond, old homesteads, and the Orchard Hill overlook
  • Morey Road –★★– 1.2 miles — Highlighted by a tiny set of cascades this is a great gateway to the Natchaug Forest
  • Natchaug State Forest –★★– 2.1 miles — Gorgeous forested trails with brief gravel road crossings
  • Lyon Road –★★– 5.3 miles — Lyon Rd is the midpoint between the Nathanial Lyon monument and Rt 44 for shorter hikes in either direction
  • Northern Terminus –★★– 5.9 miles — The most secluded stretch of the entire trail along follows the mossy edge of Bigelow Brook

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Natchaug Trail: Lyon Rd


41.8716650, -72.0878170

Natchaug Trail – Lyon Rd Connecticut Blue Blaze Trail in Eastford, CT Parking: Shoulder parking across from the cemetery at Lyon Rd (41.8716650, -72.0878170) Trail Map    …

Natchaug State Forest Main Block


41.841980, -72.095569

Natchaug State Forest Connecticut State Forest 13,438 acres in Chaplin, Eastford, and Hampton CT Parking: Plenty of parking down the road near 243 Chaplin Rd Eastford, CT Trail Map     … Read more…

Nathaniel Lyon Memorial State Park


41.847478, -72.083341

Nathaniel Lyon Memorial State Park Connecticut State Park 5 acres in Eastford, CT Parking:  Small lot along Kingsbury Rd Eastford, CT Trail Map        Trails:…

Natchaug Trail : Morey Rd


41.8214610, -72.0970840

Natchaug Trail – Morey Rd CFPA Blue Blaze Natchaug Trail Natchaug State Forest through Chaplin and Eastford, CT Parking: Shoulder parking at 41.8214610, -72.0970840 Trail Map     …

Goodwin State Forest


41.785700, -72.083707

James L. Goodwin State Forest Connecticut State Forest 2,003 acres in Hampton and Chaplin, CT Parking: Lot at 23 Potter Rd, Hampton, CT Trail Map       …

Nipmuck Trail: Pixie Falls


41.902388, -72.164776

Nipmuck Trail : Pixie Falls / Natchaug Trail: North Terminus Connecticut State Forest and Blue-Blaze Trail in Ashford, CT Parking: South End: Small pull-off near 32 Iron Mine…