Hike Hampton, CT




Town Parks

  • Hampton Reservoir — Unexplored
  • Maurice and Rita Edwards Preserve — Unexplored

Land Trust

  • Joshua’s Trust
    • Hemphill Woods — ★★ — 1.25 miles — Simple loop hike through several stone walls
    • H.E. Preston Nature Sanctuary — ★★ — 1 mile — Through an active agricultural field, down a hill to the Little River and back again
    • Warren Stone Preserve — ★ — No trails — Accessed by hiking down abandoned Fisk St there is a old farm road along the marsh
  • Wolf Den Land Trust
    • Blue Flag Meadow — ★★ — 1.2 miles — Simple rough loop around the pond with access to the Air Line Trail

State Parks / Forest

Blue Blaze

The Rest

  • Edwin Way Teale Trail Wood Sanctuary — ★★★ — 5 miles — A popular bird watching spot with a writer’s cabin, beaver pond, and interesting trails
  • Cohantic Ledges — Unexplored


Now go out and explore Hampton, CT!

Hemphill Woods


41.745795, -72.038286

George and Margaret Hemphill Woods Joshua’s Trust 44.75 acres in Hampton, CT Parking: Shoulder parking near 40 Old Canterbury Rd, Hampton, CT Trail Map       … Read more…

Blue Flag Meadow


41.828572, -72.048967

Blue Flag Meadow Wolf Den Land Trust 92.7 acres in Hampton, CT Parking: Small pull off near 408 Kenyon Rd, Hampton, CT Trail Map        Trails:… Read more…

Trail Wood Sanctuary


41.810728, -72.065097

Edwin Teale Trail Wood Sanctuary CT Audubon Property 168 acres in Hampton, CT Parking: Medium sized lot at 93 Kenyon Road Hampton, CT Trail Map Trail Wood Sanctuary… Read more…