Shenipsit Trail: South Terminus

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Shenipsit Trail – South Terminus

Connecticut Blue Blaze TrailShenipsit

in Portland, CT

Parking: Small lot and shoulder parking off gravel Gadpouch Rd

Trail Map

The current terminus of the Shenipsit Trail is pretty unassuming. Just off a dirt section of Gadpouch Rd the trail starts in the Meshomasic State Forest.  A sign at the trailhead honors the men of the Civilian Conservation Corps at Camp Jenkins from 1933-36.

The trail quickly climbs Great Hill and forks as it crests the hill.  Heading left takes you to the overlook (which I unfortunately didn’t know and therefore missed!) and heading right continues along the Shenipsit.  The trail is straightforward following a spine of hills along the Portland/East Hampton border passing a couple narrow vistas on rocky outcrops.

The main feature along this section is the old quarries that dot the forest.  The Shenipsit passes next to one that I believe is called State Forest Quarry No. 1 and the trail has bits of mica sparkling underfoot.  Before the crash of my website in 2020 I had done some decent research into the history of the quarries here though what I wrote is now lost.  I hope to return to this page and “dig into it” again.

The trail continues until crossing the gravel Woodchoppers Rd.  Although the CFPA doesn’t list parking there, several cars were parked at the gates on either side on my last hike there. Total distance is a bit over 1.5.

The trail then continues through rolling terrain crossing Carr Brook and over Bald Hill though I have not yet explored that far.



Peter Marteka – A snowy climb to the top of Great Hill Mountain in East Hampton after the season’s first snowfall (2019)

Dean Remembers East Hampton – CCC Camp Jenkins Secret Society 1933 (2015)

CTMQ – Shenipsit Trail: Section 1 (2009)

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