Salem Land Trust

Hike the Salem Land Trust

The Salem Land Trust has been growing quickly in recent years and has a handful of interesting properties to explore.  There are ancient trees, gorges, balanced rocks, and tiny vistas spread across their 14 miles of trails.

There are longer connections along the Richard Goodwin Trail an other locations to explore in Salem largely within the Eightmile River Watershed.


Property List:

  • Ahnert Preserve –★– No trails — Small area to explore along the brook (Parking Link)
  • Big Brook Gorge Preserve — ★★– .6 miles — A short trail that dead ends in a gorge with an option to climb its high bank
  • Bingham Preserve — ★★– .5 miles — A short trail with a view of a beaver pond at the back side
  • Darling Road Preserve — ★★★– 3 miles — The loop requires a bit of a roadwalk but also has a section of the Richard Goodwin Trail and the tri-town marker
  • Salem Riverside Preserve –★★– .25 miles — A short well maintained lollipop loop with a view of the Eightmile River
  • Smuggler’s Rock Preserve — ★★– 1.8 miles — Short trails climb to a balanced rock and a seasonal view
  • Tatson’s Woods –★– 1.2 miles — A seldom used trail to old farm fields and the remains of a grand old oak
  • Walden Preserve –★★★– Formerly a Nature Conservancy property with a hidden Pierce Arrow car and great varied trails
  • Woodland Warbler Preserve –★★– 2.6 miles — The trust’s newest property!
  • Zemko Sawmill Preserve –★★– 2.2 miles — Expanded trails now explore either side of Whittlesey Swamp

Zemko Sawmill Preserve


41.504849, -72.267249

Zemko Sawmill Preserve Salem Land Trust 92 acres in Salem, CT Parking: Small lot near 180 Rattlesnake Ledge Rd, Salem, CT Trail Map        Trails:…

Tatson’s Woods


41.459458, -72.299938

Tatson’s Woods Preserve Salem Land Trust 8 acres in Salem, CT Parking: Next to the driveway near 1 Woodbridge Rd, Salem, CT  Trail Map        …

Smuggler’s Rock Preserve


41.499400, -72.270975

Smuggler’s Rock Preserve Salem Land Trust 113 acres in Salem, CT Parking: Small lot at end of Salem Ridge Drive cul-de-sac Trail Map       Trails: 1.8 miles …

Woodland Warbler Preserve


41.482747, -72.310035

Woodland Warbler Preserve Salem Land Trust 272 acres in Salem, CT Parking: Shoulder parking near 349 West Rd Salem, CT Trail Map           Trails:…

Salem Riverside Preserve


41.450382, -72.296202

Salem Riverside Preserve Salem Land Trust 4.6 acres in Salem, CT Parking: Small lot near 345 Darling Rd, Salem, CT Trail Map The Salem Riverside Preserve is…

Bingham Preserve


41.451555, -72.283123

Alf & Sylvia Bingham Preserve Salem Land Trust 4 acres in Salem, CT Parking: Tiny lot for 2 cars at 194 Darling Road Salem, CT Trail Map The…

Big Brook Gorge Preserve


41.523891, -72.294427

Big Brook Gorge Preserve Salem Land Trust 19.67 acres in Salem, CT Parking: Between the guardrails near 750 Hartford Road Salem, CT Trail Map          Trails:…

Darling Road Preserve


41.447833, -72.296345

Darling Road Preserve Salem Land Trust 142.5 acres in Salem, CT Parking: Small lot at 428 Darling Rd. and shoulder parking near 470 Darling Rd. Trail Map     …

Walden Preserve


41.480951, -72.275345

Walden Preserve The Nature Conservancy managed by The Salem Land Trust 400 acres in Salem, CT Parking: Small lot near 191 Hagen Rd, Salem, CT Trail Map   …