Alf & Sylvia Bingham Preserve

Salem Land Trust

4 acres in Salem, CT

Parking: Tiny lot for 2 cars at 194 Darling Road Salem, CT

Trail Map         Trails: 0.4 miles      Rating: ★★☆☆☆

The tiny Bingham Preserve still boasts a half-mile trail that the Salem Land Trust describes as easy footpath with a gradual hill.  From the trailhead you pass between active farmland fields towards the woods.  Red blazes point the way and cute markers adorned with bluejays warn of crossing the stone wall onto private property.

Entering the woods the trail follows a wide flat path behind the field.  Here too the markers with bluejays warn of private property.  The trail soon splits and I took the right path that heads slightly uphill before descending quickly to a view of the beaver pond.  There are at least two lodges within sight, I saw no recent signs of activity along the bank though Peter Marteka notes activity in January of 2018.

The trail then climbs back up another hill as it loops back towards the fields with No Trespassing blue jay markers on either side of the trail.  It’s difficult to enjoy a walk in the woods when you’re constantly and passive aggressively reminded to never step off the trail.


The property was donated in 2008 to the Salem Land Trust in memory of Alfred and Sylvia Bingham. From the Salem Land Trust site, “Alf Bingham was a State Senator and Probate Judge from Salem and Sylvia Bingham taught at the Salem School. Both life-long naturalists, they donated land to the State of CT that is now the part of Nehantic State Forest.”


Peter Marteka – A Trip To A Big Gorge And Pastoral Farm In Salem (2018)

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