Nipmuck Trail: Marsh Road

41.848349, -72.223530



Nipmuck Trail: Marsh Road

Blue Blaze Trail

in Willington and Ashford, CT


North end – Shoulder parking near 298 CT-74 Ashford, CT

     South end – Spur trail to shoulder parking near 22 Marsh Rd Willington, CT

Trail Map           Trails: 2.7 miles      Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Just a note to hopefully avoid confusion, the trail map above calls the first road Blahusiak Rd, but Google Maps and I know it as Marsh Rd.

The parking on Marsh Rd was the starting point for my first hike with Steve from CTMQ in 2017.  At that time the Nipmuck Trail did pass through the parking area indicated on the map, but was rerouted later that year due to a property owner request.

I most recently hiked this in June of 2020 while thru hiking the Nipmuck Trail.  This section has a pretty remote feeling except for the backside of a farm passed about a 1/3rd of the way through.  While slightly rolling the terrain is pretty gentle.

About 2/3rds thourgh this section you pass through a stone wall and drop into and old woods road that travels wide and straight north.  Here a scarlet tanager landed on a branch not ten feet from me and halted me in my tracks.  In the verdant foliage this little guy stood out like a neon sign.

The trail soon joins Knowlton Brook and follows it to Rt. 74.  There is a campsite (see this map) along the brook, further details and forms for reservations can be found on the DEEP Backpacking page.  Along Rt. 74 the trail used to climb up atop the beams of an old iron bridge, but there are now wooden bridges that provide a more direct route.  Though small hand drawn signs still direct you to the old route in times of “high water”.

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CTMQ – Nipmuck Trail: Section 3 (2017)

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Last updated June 7th, 2020

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