Hike Willington, CT

Those looking to hike Willington will find five hikeable properties for a total of about 17 miles. There are pine groves, sections of the Fenton River, and rolling trails to explore.  There is also the Cole Wilde fishing area along I-84.

State Parks/Forests

Town Parks

  • Fenton Ruby Park★★ — 4 miles — Fenton Ruby Park has 4.2 miles of trails with pond views, varied topography, and a connection to the nearby Langhammer Trail in Ashford
  • Talmadge Tract/Royal Knowlton★★ — 5 miles — A combination of the Nipmuck trail, Talmadge spur, and Royal Knowlton, this area has almost 5 miles of trails with a great pine grove near the Fenton River

Land Trusts

  • Chenes Roches Preserve★★ — 1 mile — The Chenes Roches Preserve or “Oaks Rocks” has 1.1 miles of trails and as the name states, large oaks and glacial erratics

Blue Blaze Trails

  • Nipmuck Trail — Willington hosts a roughly 2.5 mile section of the Nipmuck trail along the Fenton River through the Moss Tract

The Rest

  • N/A

Now get out and hike Willington, CT!

Nipmuck Trail: Marsh Road


41.848349, -72.223530

Nipmuck Trail: Marsh Road Blue Blaze Trail in Willington and Ashford, CT Parking: North end – Shoulder parking near 298 CT-74 Ashford, CT South end – Spur…

Fenton Ruby Park


41.897759, -72.226234

Fenton-Ruby Park Willington Town Park 305 acres in Willington, CT Parking: Small lot near 201 Moose Meadow Rd Willington, CT Trail Map   Fenton-Ruby Park has 4.2 miles…

Chenes Roches Preserve


65 Blair Road, Willington, CT

Chenes Roches Preserve Joshua’s Trust Land Trust 56 acres in Willington, CT Parking: Small lot for 2-3 cars at 65 Blair Road, Willington, CT Trail Map     …

Talmadge Tract


41.841828, -72.240032

Talmadge Tract / UCONN Moss Forest / Royal Knowlton Preserve Willington Town Park / Blue Blaze Nipmuck Trail 408 acres in Willington, CT Parking: Small lot near 100-,…

Nipmuck State Forest: South Parcel


41.943590, -72.252048

Nipmuck State Forest – South Parcel Connecticut State Forest 900+ acres in Willington and Stafford, CT Parking: Shoulder parking near 57 Polster Road, Willington, CT Trail Map   …