Brainerd Quarry Preserve

Middlesex Land Trust

50 acres in Haddam, CT

Parking: Shoulder parking near 213 Injun Hollow Rd East Hampton, CT

Trail Map           Trails: 2 miles         Rating: ★★★☆☆

The northern trailhead didn’t look particularly accessible but the southern one had room for shoulder parking and easy trail access.


I hiked the yellow Ridge Trail out and returned on the red Quarry Trail.  The Ridge trail heads steadily uphill, but several spots appears to head towards a ridge and the trail turns away.  Eventually however the trail does reach a small rocky outcrop at just over a half mile that has a forested view of the Connecticut River across to Haddam Meadows State Park.  It may only be a seasonal view once the foliage comes in.

The trail then continues along the slope with views of Haddam Island before heading downhill to a small stream.  The stream had a small broken dam which may have been used for the quarrying in some way.

Taking the red trail heads into the high rock walls of the quarry.  Piles of skree dot the area and the trail follows the base of the dripping cliff.  There are thick banks of quartzite and smaller veins crossing the rock.  There are a couple spots with evidence of bore holes used to break the rock away.  The trail then enters the main park of the quarry which is open but surrounded by huge piles of stone refuse.  The high wall is scarred by old bore holes but retains an industrious charm.

I imagined what activity at the quarry must have looked like over its 150 year operation on the short walk back to the car.


Preserved in 2015.


Peter Marteka – Exploring An 18th-Century Granite Quarry In Haddam Neck (2017)

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