Sperry Falls Park

Woodbridge Town Park and Regional Water Authority Property

4 acres in Woodbridge, CT


Trail Map        Trails: 2 miles     Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Note: The vast majority of the hiking here is on Regional Water Authority land which requires a permit (as of 2023 for an individual is $25 for 13 months)

I stopped by Sperry Falls Park after visiting Whitlock’s Book Barn in Bethany.  I started from the seasonal Sperry Road which offers some shoulder parking in the winter and leads to the town’s small parking area when the gates are open the rest of the year.  This means that you’re hiking a road, albeit one that is nicely lined with rock walls through open forest and old trees.

From the gate it’s only a quarter mile down to the Sargent River.  The falls are short way down the river, though normally only about 6-8 feet tall and split in two by a large rock, on my visit after a day of rain the surging river had completely submerged the rock into one big roaring flow.

The pool below the falls is a picturesque rock-lined bowl (which unfortunately doesn’t allow swimming) that reminds a fair amount of Diana’s Pool.


From the park’s brochure, “Water from the falls was used to run a wool processing mill in the late 18th to early 19th century. It was operated by the Sperry Family. Remnants of its foundation can still be seen. The Sperry’s are known as this town’s First Family, having settled in Woodbridge back in 1648.”


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Last updated April 23rd, 2023

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