Hike Bethany, CT

Part of New Haven County

If you’re looking for the best hiking trails in Bethany this is the complete guide to all the long trails, waterfalls, and history it has to offer.

Bethany has hiking areas for – miles of trails.



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Hiking |expand|

Town Parks

  • Bethany Airport Trail – Unexplored
  • Bethany Community School Trails – Unexplored
  • Hopp Brook Falls – Unexplored
  • Peck Pond – Unexplored
  • Rocky Corner Farm Trails – Unexplored
  • Veteran’s Memorial Park – Unexplored

Land Trust

  • Bethany Land Trust
    • Delano Nature Sanctuary – Unexplored
    • Hein Trails – Unexplored
    • Ida Carrington Lowell Land – Unexplored
    • Mendell’s Folly, Grobe, and Woodward Preserves – Unexplored
    • Van Epps Preserve – Unexplored
    • Welch Parcels – Unexplored
    • Bethany Farms – Unexplored

State Parks / Forest

  • N/A

Blue Blaze

  • N/A

The Rest

  • Regional Water Authority
    • Lake Bethany – Unexplored
    • Lake Chamberlain – Unexplored

Boating/Fishing |expand|

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Breweries, Bakeries, and More |expand|

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Town History |expand|

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Now go out and hike Bethany, CT!

West Rock Ridge State Park


41.337800, -72.965522

West Rock Ridge State Park Connecticut State Park 1,691 acres in Hamden, Woodbridge, and Bethany, CT Parking: Main parking near 1134 Wintergreen Ave, New Haven, CT if the gate… Read more…