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If you’re looking for the best hiking trails in Scotland this is the complete guide to all the hidden springs, waterfalls, and history it has to offer.

The least populated town of the Quiet Corner, this rural area has five hikes with 11.5 miles of trails with some unique sites.  Unfortunately no boating areas and not much for fishing or local stores to explore.



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Unfortunately no public boating or fishing access options within the town.

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In 1700 Isaac Magoon purchased 1,950 acres and named the area for his native Scotland, he settled in the area in 1706. The town was granted a charter as an ecclesiastical society in 1732 but wasn’t incorporated as a town until May 1857 making it the 158th oldest town in the state. The land for the town was taken from Windham.

Scotland was once the locale for many small mills, especially along Merrick Brook, which runs through the village and still has the remains of dams along its banks. Dairy farming has also figured strongly in its history.

The town is home to the birthplace of one of the Founding Fathers, Samuel Huntington, the homestead is located on Route 14 near the center of town.

Now get out and explore Scotland!

Talbot WMA


41.683653, -72.110309

Nathan and Anne Talbot Wildlife Management Area Connecticut WMA 517 acres in Scotland, CT Parking: Small lot near 302 Bass Rd, Scotland, CT Trail Map     …

Spignesi WMA


41.712963, -72.067512

James V. Spignesi Jr. WMA Connecticut Wildlife Management Area 524 acres in Scotland, CT Parking: Medium sized lot near 210 Pudding Hill Road, Hampton, CT Area Map …

Mohegan State Forest


41.665027, -72.086363

Mohegan State Forest Connecticut State Forest 956 acres in Scotland, CT Parking: Room for car or shoulder parking north of 489 Devotion Rd Scotland, CT Hunting Map …

Pappenheimer Preserve


41.659111, -72.088545

Pappenheimer Preserve Joshua’s Trust 102 acres in Scotland, CT Parking: Shoulder parking 584 Devotion Rd, Baltic, CT Trail Map         Trails: 1.5 miles     …

Rock Spring Preserve


41.718996, -72.062861

Rock Spring Preserve The Nature Conservancy 450 acres in Scotland, CT Parking: Small pull off near 276 Pudding Hill Rd Scotland, CT Trail Map         …