Newsletter – May 2020

No fancy article this month just a couple updates and announcements.
First, since The Great Crash I’ve added back 175 locations which, as I announced on Instagram, officially puts me past 50% rebuilt. Thankfully, there have only been a few pages that I’ve had to truly rewrite from scratch that just aren’t as good as the originals.

Second, it has been a busy month since the last newsletter and the biggest announcement is that with the help of a friend I screen printed some official Explore Connecticut shirts! We just did small batches of two of my designs in a few size/color options and they came out great.

One of the benefits of my new server is it’s safe and secure enough to setup a store so you can now purchase them through the site!

New Movies this Month:
Goodwin State Forest
Haystack Mountain and Campbell Falls
Connecticut’s Highest Point
The Movie that Didn’t Want to be Made

On the creative side I finished this wood burn that is now hanging above my living room.

Updated Pages
Ross Pond State Park
Quinebaug Lake State Park
Haddam Island State Park
Brainerd Quarry Preserve
George Dudley Seymour State Park
Pomeroy State Park
Union Hill Preserve
New Pages
Hatch Lot
Dean Easement
Shipyard Falls
Cave Hill

My best wishes for a thoughtful and adventure filled month. Please send any news, comments, t-shirt sizes, and wood burn ideas to