Killingly Pond State Park

Connecticut State Park

162 acres in Killingly, CT

Parking: Shoulder parking north of 156 Pond Rd Dayville, CT

Trail Map            Trails: 0.2 miles          Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ (this rating is for hiking, the boating is great)

Killingly Pond State Park is a 122 acre pond that crosses the border between Connecticut and Rhode Island.  It is one of Connecticut’s ‘scenic reserve‘ state parks.  Boating is the main activity here.

This park used to be very popular for swimming and more back in the day, but now a high chainlink fence blocks most views of the water and there are many no parking and no trespassing signs.  Despite this, there were at least a dozen vehicles either parked or dropping off boats so it seems like locals make the best of it.

The boat launch is an unlocked gate in the fencing at the bend on Pond Rd.  There is a short 0.2 mile trail along the water’s edge and old woods roads if you’re determined to hike here.  The park is also along the brief Connecticut bend of the 78-mile North-South Trail (the rest of which is in Rhode Island) which you can follow to the Edward R. Laby Preserve for another 1.3 miles of road/trail.

The DEEP claims hiking and hunting opportunities, though the public land is adjacent to a lot of houses along the water.



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Last updated September 13th, 2022

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