Hike Hebron, CT

(Part of Tolland County)

If you’re looking for the best hiking trails in Hebron this is the complete guide to all the town trails, waterfalls, and history it has to offer.



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Town Parks

  • Burnt Hill Park –★★– 1 mile – Mainly sports fields, but a well kept trail leads around the outskirts of the park
  • Chesnut Hollow –★– 1 mile – A forgotten park starts next to the historical “old town pound”. Trails are short, overgrown, and fade away the further in you go
  • Grayville Falls –★★★– Less than a mile – Long sloping waterfall just off the Air Line Trail
  • Hebron Center Trail –★– Less than a mile – Simple and good for casual strolls along an access road, the back of private property, and a loop along Rt. 66 if you’re so inclined
  • Niles Road Open Space – Unexplored
  • Old Cardillo Property – Unexplored
  • Old Harasimowitz Property – Unexplored
  • Old Hibbert Property – Unexplored
  • Raymond Brook Preserve –★★– 1.5 miles – Flat easy trail for casual strolls and nice picnic area view of the pond
  • St. Peter’s Preserve – Unexplored

Land Trust

  • None

State Parks / Forest

Blue Blaze

  • None

The Rest

  • Prophet’s Rock –★★– 0.1 miles – Short trail to a large split erratic

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Hebron was settled in 1704 and incorporated in May 1708 as the 41st oldest town in Connecticut. It was named in 1707 from Heb. Hebron (derivation doubtful); “an association,” “a league,” and “confederacy,” are meanings given this word by various authorities.

Now go out and hike Hebron, CT!

Prophet’s Rock


166 Burrows Hill Road, Amston, CT, USA

Prophet’s Rock Hebron Town Park 1.5 acres in Hebron, CT Parking: Small pull off near 166 Burrows Hill Road Hebron, CT Trail Map       Trails: 0.15…

Raymond Brook Preserve


168 Church St, Hebron, CT 06248, USA

Raymond Brook Preserve Hebron Town Park 107 acres in Hebron, CT Parking: Small lot near 168 Church St, Hebron, CT Medium sized lot near 52 Kinney Rd,…

Hebron Center Trail


41.663975, -72.362267

Hebron Center Trail Hebron Town Park in Hebron, CT Parking: Medium sized lot near 66 Wall St Hebron, CT Trail Map             Trails:…

Chestnut Hollow


41.657415, -72.372151

Chestnut Hollow Preserve Hebron Town Park 24 acres in Hebron, CT Parking: Small lot near 7 Chestnut Hill Road, Hebron, CT Trail Map          …

Burnt Hill Park


41.682602, -72.387645

Burnt Hill Park Hebron Town Park 171 acres in Hebron, CT Parking: Several lots near 148 East St Hebron, CT Trail Map         Trails: 1…

Gay City State Park


386 North St, Hebron, CT 06248

Gay City State Park Connecticut State Park 1,569 acres in Hebron, CT Parking: Large lot at 386 North St Hebron, CT year round with additional parking open…

Bishop Swamp


41.722671, -72.396840

Bishop Swamp Connecticut Wildlife Management Area 752 acres in Andover and Hebron, CT Parking: Small lot near 236 State Hwy 603, Andover, CT for hiking and small pull off… Read more…

Grayville Falls


41.612828, -72.368980

Grayville Falls Town Park Hebron Town Park 20 acres in Hebron, CT Parking: Medium sized lot near 142 Grayville Rd Hebron, CT Trail Map        Trails:…