The Fifty Acre Wood

Woodstock Town Park

50 acres in Woodstock, CT

Parking: Small pull-off near 55 Pond Factory Road, Woodstock, CT

Trail Map        Trails: 1.5 miles       Rating: ★★☆☆☆

The Fifty Acre Wood is close to being a forgotten town trail, but features great forested sections and beautiful fern views of Beaver Pond


From the parking off Pond Factory Road the trailhead starts in a small washout teeming with poison ivy.  A well built sign shows the parks dedication and trail map.  The access trail to the loop is easy to follow skirting around the back of private property to meet and old farm lane.  I took a right at the fork heading steadily downhill as the trail started to get a bit more overgrown and passed over a stretch that get flooded often given the number of stepping stone logs.

I think the homes adjacent to the loop use the trail most frequently since the clearest parts of the path lead from a private path to houses just off in the trees.  Otherwise this trail might fully become an overgrown mess. As you near Leavitt Road there are the rusty remains of a couple cars between stone walls.

The trail finally loops turning from the road to curve along Beaver Pond.  There isn’t a singular good view of the open water but a couple stretches waded through thick ferns with obstructed views of the pond.  On the return loop you briefly see the part of the loop you were just on before diving into thick forest.  A woodpecker followed me on this stretch, flitting out in front again and again keeping an eye on me.

Unfortunately in this stretch two massive pines have fallen right next to each other requiring you to climb up and over twice.  It is possible, but likely challenging for some.  Once across there is are a couple muddy sections as you ascend back to meet the old farm lane and complete the loop.


Donated to the Town of Woodstock by the Leigh Darby and the Darby family in memory Herbert C. & Virginia Darby in 2001.


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Last updated June 24th, 2022

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