Westfield Falls

41.580506, -72.714953


Westfield Falls

Middletown Town Park

4 acres in Middletown, CT

Parking: Shoulder parking near 267 Miner St Middletown, CT

Trail Map

Westfield Falls should be a secluded gem however it is situated right next to Rt. 91 so unless you’re right next to the falls the sound of rushing cars and trucks disturbs the peace.

There isn’t much for trails here just a wide path down from the road to Fall Brook and the rocky ledges that comprise the falls.  The falls are generally in two sections, the left being a 20ft plunge and the right a 15ft horsetail.  After heavy rains others occur along the ledges.


Before my site crash I had some proper history including this 1895 photo of the gorge and falls, however I haven’t been able to relocate the source.


New England Waterfalls – Westfield Falls

Peter Marteka – Falling for Some Frozen Winter Waterfalls (2015)

CTMQ – Westfield Falls (2012)

“Connecticut Waterfalls: a Guide.” Connecticut Waterfalls: a Guide, by Russell Dunn and Christy Butler, Countryman Press, 2013, p. 135.

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