Westfield Falls

Middletown Town Park

4 acres in Middletown, CT

Parking: Shoulder parking near 267 Miner St Middletown, CT

Trail Map           Trails: 0.3 miles         Rating: ★★★☆☆

Nature and civilization clash at Westfield Falls.  What should be a secluded gem is bordered by I-91, a manufacturing plant, and a golf course.  The trap rock surroundings are riddled with graffiti and the paths are littered with trash.

Thankfully all it takes is a bit of narrowed focus to appreciate this waterfall.  Split into two (or sometimes 3) sections Fall Brook descends at strange angles to a horsetail on the left and a plunge on the right.  The two rejoin downstream which creates a great area to wander and explore.  The established paths are to the top and bottom of the falls, which seems to be enough for most.

There isn’t a lot of hope for what should be a charming gorge.  It is drowned out by traffic and hemmed in on all sides and unmaintained.  Despite this, it’s still highly recommended by everyone who visits, but I think all would agree we haven’t done it justice.


A banded water snake specimen was collected here for the Smithsonian in 1876 by a J.H. Pillsbury.

View of the Falls and Gorge from The Connecticut Quarterly 1896


New England Waterfalls – Westfield Falls

Peter Marteka – Falling for Some Frozen Winter Waterfalls (2015)

CTMQ – Westfield Falls (2012)

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