Welcome to ExploreCT

 Welcome, this site aims to be a complete resource for hiking in Connecticut, featuring all the best hiking trails in CT.  Creating not only a map of locations, but descriptions, photos, and a movie for each. 

This project started two years ago when Joshua’s Trust (a north-east CT land trust) held their 50th Anniversary celebration.  I decided to visit each property and make a movie about my progress.  I had been hiking in Connecticut my entire life, yet that project opened my eyes to the shear number of explorable locations even in the ‘Quiet Corner’ of Connecticut. 

The more I dug, the more I found. 

With this site I get to share what I’ve found, as well as motivate myself to discover more.  Of course, as it says at the bottom of the page, this site is an enormous work in progress.  Getting the bare-bones of each properties location, parking, and available trails is the first phase.  Then hiking, filming, and taking pictures at each location along with an ever-improving description including identification of plants, topography, geology, and history. 

It is an education I’m after to better understand the beautiful wild places of Connecticut.  This site will be the end result and a resource of discovery for others. 

Email matt@explorect.org with questions, info, to chat, or anything related