Patriots Park Woods

41.762017, -72.307028



Patriots Park Woods

Forgotten Coventry Town Park

About 65 acres in Coventry, CT

Parking: Large lot at the boat launch 357 Shore Dr, Coventry, CT

Trail Map      Trails: 0.8 miles     Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

The trail at Patriots Park must be a forgotten trail in Coventry for the amount of neglect I saw on a recent hike (4/2018).    The trail is .8 miles from entrance to exit.  The trail brochure recommends a May-November visit for “water-related concerns” which I can echo because the trail seems to be the only wet areas on the property and dry summer months may improve the experience.  There are a number of unkept corduroy roads that likely worked well when they were placed, but have sunk too deep to do their job.  There were also a number of informational signposts that have since lost their information.  The ones that remain have a cheery squirrel that reminds you not to smoke.  The property was formerly a woodlot and some features are still visible.  A signpost hints that the forest is actively managed, but given the state of the property, this seems unlikely.

There is a nice seasonal stream that runs toward Coventry Lake, but this property doesn’t have much going for it currently.


The property was purchased by the town in 1979 with the help of an America the Beautiful Grant.


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Last updated May 7th, 2018

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