Metcalf Nature Preserve

Ellington Town Park

15.46 acres in Ellington, CT

Parking: Shoulder parking near 10 Cedarwood Dr, Ellington, CT

Trail Map         Trails: 1 mile        Rating: ★★☆☆☆

The Metcalf Nature Preserve is a little slice of woods preserved from the development that has grown up on at three of its sides.  Parking is a little awkward, jumping a curb to a grassy slope (though I’m sure parking on the pavement would be fine on these quiet streets) and the trail head briefly follows a private drive before curving into the woods.  However, once in the woods there are short loops, old foundations, and a bit of quiet nature.


From Cedardwood Rd you cross through split rail fence and up a crushed stone path along the driveway to a private house.  On my visit (Fall 2023) a sign at the trailhead said that the trail was undergoing work and would be updated soon thanks to a recent grant.  The trail then curves around a fence and heads into the woods.  The trail quickly splits into three forks, right and left for the main blue loop, and straight ahead for a white crossing trail.

I followed the blue loop to the left on rocky and rooty trail climbing slightly until reaching the the back junction where the loop appears to figure-eight.  Continuing left there was a very short red spur trail to an old foundation, perhaps due to some old use of the property by the Metcalf family.

The trail quickly loops back following old stone walls taking hard turns through dense foliage with opportunites to cut back through the white trail.  I completed the blue loop for about 0.9 miles.  The fall foliage definitely elevated the hike on this simple town woods loop.


Preserved in 1973 when it was donated to the town by Homer Metcalf.


CTMQ – Metcalf Nature Preserve (2019)

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Last updated: October 23rd, 2023

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