Hike the Mattabesett Trail

The Mattabesett Trail is one of Connecticut’s blue blaze trails maintained by the Connecticut Forest and Park Association. It runs 64 miles in a V-shape from Middletown south to Guilford and then north to Berlin. The trail is filled with remote vistas, traprock on the Metacomet Ridge, and other highlights.

It is also part of the 215 mile New England National Scenic Trail (NET) through with connections to the Menunkatuck Trail to the south and the Metacomet Trail to the north.

Currently I have only hiked portions of the trail so this is an incomplete guide.

Fastest Known Time: Justin Kousky 14h11m17s on 2020-06-27

Section List

(East to West) Distances may be slightly off due to reroutes

  • Mattabesett East Terminus – 4.8 miles (Parking Link)  – Unexplored, rock pile cave at 3.4 miles and a connection to the Asylum Reservoir trails
  • Bear Hill 4.2 miles (North Parking) (South Parking) – Climb to the rocky summit amidst thick mountain laurel
  • Seven Falls 1.5 miles – (Parking Link) – Recent reroute that makes the best of a utility corridor before passing the falls
  • 1.9 mile road walk Nedobity Rd to Brainard Hill Rd
  • Unnamed Stretch – 2.5 miles – (North Parking) (South Parking) – Unexplored
  • 0.7 road walk Foot Hills Rd to Weise Albert Rd
  • Millers Pond State Park 3.1 miles (North Parking) (South Parking) – Past Millers Pond to Bear Rock overlook
  • Coginchaug Cave – 4.7 miles – (North Parking) – Unexplored, due to a reroute the trail no longer passes the cave and is a half mile side trail. This stretch now reaches all the way to Mt. Pisagh
  • Mt. Pisagh – 1.5 miles – (Parking) – Unexplored
  • Mica Ledges — 1 mile – (Parking) – Unexplored
  • Rockland Preserve – 1.4 miles (Parking) – Unexplored
  • Broomstick Ledges – 2.8 miles – (Bluff Head Parking) – Unexplored
  • Bluff Head 3.9 miles (Parking) – Climb to an overlook view before traveling through deep woods
  • 0.5 mile road walk Stagecoach Rd to Rt 17
  • Tri-Mountain State Park — 4 miles (South Parking) – Unexplored
  • 0.2 mile road walk on Rt. 68
  • Black Pond – 5.1 miles – (North Parking) (South Parking) – A long hike on the Beseck Mountain Ridge culminating in a cliff overlook of Black Pond
  • Mt. Higby –3.7 miles – (Parking Note: if you use the Higby Mountain Trail Head on Google Maps it will direct you to the Black Pond parking area) – Rugged hike with many great views
  • 1.2 mile road walk Country Club Rd over I-91 to Bell St
  • Higland Pond – 0.5 miles – Unexplored
  • 0.4 mile road walk on Atkins St.
  • Giuffrida Park – 3.5 miles – Parking – A U shaped hike over Chauncey Peak, down to the reservoir and up towards the west ridge
  • Lamentation Mtn State Park 3.3 miles – (North Parking)
  • 0.8 mile road walk to Metacomet Trail


Mattabesset Blogs

Mattabesett East Terminus


1501 River Rd, Middletown, CT, USA

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Mount Higby


41.539191, -72.744306

Mount Higby / Tynan Park Blue Blaze Trail and The Nature Conservancy in Middlefield and Middletown, CT Parking: North End: Small lot near 644 Country Club Rd,…

Bear Hill


41.532457, -72.59797

Mattabesett: Bear Hill & Kätchen Coley Mountain Laurel Preserve CFPA Blue Blaze Trail and Middletown Town Park 100 acres in Middletown, CT Parking: North End: Shoulder parking… Read more…

Tri-Mountain State Park


41.442427, -72.740176

Tri-Mountain State Park Connecticut State Park 157 acres in Durham, CT Parking: Shoulder parking near Howd Rd, Durham, CT Trail Map     Trails: 2 miles    Rating:…

Lamentation Mountain State Park


41.579328, -72.762988

Lamentation Mountain State Park Connecticut State Park 47 acres in Berlin, CT Parking: Accessed from Giuffrida Park near 800 Westfield Rd, Meriden, CT or perhaps shoulder parking near 370… Read more…

Millers Pond State Park


41.479883, -72.629513

Millers Pond State Park Connecticut State Park 280 acres in Durham and Haddam, CT Parking: Large lot at 344 Foot Hills Rd, Durham, CT Trail Map   …

Bluff Head


Bluff Head Guilford Land Conservation Trust 700 acres in Guilford, CT Parking: Small lot near 4391 Durham Rd, Guilford, CT Trail Map            …

Giuffrida Park


41.562115, -72.762339

Giuffrida Park Meriden Town Park 598 acres in Meriden, CT Parking: Medium sized lot near 800 Westfield Rd, Meriden, CT Trail Map          Trails: 24.8 miles …

Black Pond


41.528562, -72.740850

Black Pond Wildlife Management Area Connecticut WMA 16 acres in Meriden, CT Parking: Medium sized lot at the boat launch near 1699 E Main St, Meriden, CT Trail… Read more…

Seven Falls


41.509452, -72.576079

Seven Falls in Middletown and Haddam, CT Parking: Shoulder parking near 1 Saybrook Rd, Higganum, CT Trail Map             Trails: 2.5 miles     …