Franklin Swamp WMA: Mahoney Pond

Connecticut Wildlife Management Area

50 acres in Franklin, CT

Parking: Tiny pull off on Under the Mountain Rd, Franklin, CT

Trail Map        Trails: 1.5 miles      Rating: ★★☆☆☆

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever seek out this short loop, more popular with hunters than hikers.  Mahoney Pond is a part of the larger Franklin Swamp Wildlife Management Area.


I started my hike from the small gated pull-off just north of the large open fields on the trail map above.  The trail is more of a dam access road so offers wide easy access and a nice view southeast over the fields.  The forest has had active management in the last few years so the trail is lined with a number of felled trees.  Working your way down a steep gravel bank is the dam and outflow of Mahoney Pond.

The pond was swelled from recent heavy rains and I scared off a great blue heron who was fishing below the spillway.  Despite the high water the spillway was easy to hop across and continue on into the forest.  The forest changes to a denser pine and actually has a split off trail however both lead back to the other gated entrance farther north on Under the Mountain Road.  You could complete the loop as long as you don’t mind a road walk (Under the Mountain is pretty quiet) but I chose to retrace my steps to take in the pond one more time.



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Last updated April 24th, 2023

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