Marion K. Wilcox Park

Bloomfield Town Park

118.31 acres in Bloomfield, CT

Parking: Medium sized lot near 46 Hoskins Rd, Bloomfield, CT

Trail Map       Trails: 2.3 miles       Rating: ★★★☆☆

Wilcox Park features a strong well traveled loop with two decent overlook options, an old chimney, and an overlap with the blue blaze Metacomet / New England Trail. The map notes an obstacle course, but it has either disappeared or I completely missed it on my December 2023 visit


From the gravel parking area the trail takes a paved switchback up the hill to a wide open field. There used to be a house here near the trailhead kiosk but it was removed several years ago.  Trails start way down at the opposite end of the field.

Once entering the woods the trail quickly forks, the left takes you to the overlook sooner and the right takes you to the chimney sooner.  I chose the right fork which works its way gradually uphill rising among rocks and pines and for than a few blow downs.  After nearly a mile you’ll reach the ridge line at the ‘Cedar Rock’ overlook.  There is a good sized chimney here as well as a bench and picnic table.

The New England Trail (Metacomet) continues in either direction, but heading south keeps you on Wilcox’s loop overlapping with the blue blazed trail. The trail is pretty standard, rugged along the ridge. It eventually brings you to the true overlook.  The view west is nice enough but there are plenty better to seek nearby.

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The Wilcox loop heads downhill here, much steeper than the way up. It crosses a small stream and offers a great woodsy bowl view as you level out leaving the ridge. And sooner than you’d like you’re back in the fields on the way back to the parking lot.


The Town of Bloomfield purchased an additional 27.5 acres in April 2018.


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Last updated December 23rd, 2023

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