Deer Hill Trail

Colebrook Land Conservancy

in Colebrook, CT

Parking: Small lot near 16 Deer Hill Rd, Winsted, CT

Trail Map     Trails: 1.9 miles     Rating: Unexplored

This is a partial/incomplete listing as I have not yet explored the Deer Hill Trail.

From the Colebrook Land Conservancy site:

Along the loop trail you’ll see such natural features as a huge 36” diameter oak tree, several springs, a walk along a pine forest ridge overlooking a winding ravine, and many varieties of tree and plant life, all thanks to the trail’s diverse elevations and soil types. The trail also takes you past historical charcoal pits. Climbing the spur trail will reward you with spectacular views to the east as you walk north along the side of the slope, and you’ll cross a trickling stream as you make your descent. Both trails are categorized as Medium to Difficult.


Preserved in 2019.


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