Creaser Park

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Creaser Park

Coventry Town Park

57 acres in Coventry, CT

Parking: Medium sized lot near 109 Case Rd Coventry, CT

Trail Map

Creaser Park has about two miles of trails split into four blazed trails.  The entrance dirt driveway is very rutted, but pulling in provides a view of the community garden.  The parking lot is directly in front of the cottages and picnic pavilion of the former Camp Creaser (rentable here).  Taking the red trail east follows a handicap accessible section as it heads towards the pond which is great for bird watching and has a small beach on the southern edge.  Beyond the pond is the Skungamaug River, while shallow it was flowing swiftly.  There were numerous fishing trails that provide windows onto the river.

The red trail heads into the forest and quickly splits to stay on the inner red loop or the outer blue.  When I took the blue trail is skirts the backs of private property and confusingly splits into two blue blazed trails.  I took the left for a few hundred feet until a pair of dogs came down to greet me from the house up the hill.  They seemed to be all bark and no bite, but a heads up for anyone who has problems with dogs.  The blue trail slowly gains elevation as it heads towards Wrights Mill Road.  The trail narrows and winds through and over rocks before heading back towards the cottages.

The inner yellow trail passes through an open area behind the cabins and winds over a seasonal stream up to the inner red loop.  The red loop is a quiet walk along the wooded hillside and passes a vernal pool as it returns to the Skunkamaug River.

Disc Golf

The disc golf course has been a project in the works since funding was approved in 2015.  In October 2018 the final plan was approved and the course was set to be built in spring 2019.  As of my July 2019 visit, holes have been dug for the first three baskets with no further development.  The initial plan is to build the first 9 holes (plan below) with a possible expansion to 18 later on.


Originally a dairy farm and recently a recreation area for the State Department of Mental Health, Creaser Park was leased to the town of Coventry in 2007.  The original lease expired in 2017 and has since been renewed with DEEP Property Management.


Peter Marteka – Coventry’s Creaser Park For All (2008)

Environmental Review Team – Creaser Park

Michelle Firestone – Coventry set for disc golf course

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Last updated July 9, 2019

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