Buckingham Park

Glastonbury Town Park

acres in Glastonbury, CT

Parking: Medium sized lot near 1285 Manchester Rd Glastonbury, CT

Trail Map

Buckingham in its early days was known for its ball fields, playground, and a ” an easy half-mile stroll”.  The ballfields and playground are definitely the main attraction but the trails seem to have expanded a bit.  Compare the rough trail map from Glastonbury‘s town site with my GPS tracked hike below (note the odd orientation of the town’s map):

The trails now include a junction to the cul-de-sac on Heritage Dr and extend east for a good distance.  I didn’t even reach the end of the east spur trail, I just turned around when it crossed Myer’s Brook again.  The trails extend north of the parking lot.  There is a Y shape on the GPS track that indicates a complete loop through the woods there.  I followed each branch enough for it to show up, but didn’t attempt the loop to do time constraints.

The trails seem to be well used and easy to follow.  Dirt bikes are likely the main traffic on the extended trails based on the tire marks and ruts.  There isn’t much of a draw here for non-locals, but it was certainly a nice tromp in the woods.


The ball fields were built in 1991/2.


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Last updated Sept. 1, 2019

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