Explore Andover, CT

(Part of Tolland County)

If you’re looking for the best hiking trails in Andover this is the complete guide to all the forests, mountain bike trails, and pine covered paths it has to offer.



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Town Parks

  • Doris Chamberlin Nature Preserve —★★— 2.5 miles — Easy trails and a small picnic area with an option to extend your hike on the Hop River Trail
  • Talbot Parcel — 8.84 acres — possible future trail (accepted by town vote in January 2021)

Land Trust

State Parks and Forests

  • Bishop Swamp WMA —★★— 6 miles — Rarely traveled, this secluded wildlife management area has a few surprises
  • Hop River Trail State Park —★★★— 20 miles — Andover has a nearly 5 mile section of the trail including the covered bridge over Rt. 316 and heads for many miles in either direction
  • Nathan Hale State Forest —★★★— 12 miles — A large southern portion of the forest lies in Andover with a network of forest paths, old farm roads, and horse trails


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  • Bishop Swamp — A small area where boating is possible along Jurovaty Road
  • Andover Lake is privately owned and not open to the public


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Andover was a parish named 1747 likely from Andover, Mass.  The town officially incorporated from land in Coventry and Hebron in May 1848 making it the 146th oldest town in Connecticut.


Now get out and explore Andover, CT!

Nathan Hale State Forest


41.764554, -72.347094

Nathan Hale State Forest Connecticut State Forest 1,529 acres in Coventry, CT Parking: Large lot at 2299 South St, Coventry, CT Trail Map        Trails: 12…

Bishop Swamp


41.722671, -72.396840

Bishop Swamp Connecticut Wildlife Management Area 752 acres in Andover and Hebron, CT Parking: Small lot near 236 State Hwy 603, Andover, CT for hiking and small pull off… Read more…

Doris Chamberlain Nature Preserve


41.729756, -72.369761

Doris E. Chamberlain Nature Preserve Andover Town Park 69 acres in Andover, CT Parking: Medium sized dirt lot near 95 Hebron Rd Andover, CT or the rear of the Andover… Read more…