Geology of Connecticut



  • 1842 James Gates Percival – Report on the Geology of Connecticut
    • In 8 months surveyed the state East to West at 4 mile intervals. The resurveyed again East to West at intervals between the former to bring him in contact with each of the 4600 square miles of the state.
    • He collected estimated 8000 specimens, as well as noted dips, bearings, and formations making it likely the most accurate survey ever conducted of the state
    • However, despite two years of survey and he was “rushed” by the state legislature and wrote a “hasty outline” of over 500 pages
  • 1906 Manual of the Geology of Connecticut and Preliminary Geological Map by William North Rice and Herbert Ernest Gregory
  • 1924 H. H. Robinson – State Geological and Natural History Survey
  • 1977 The Connecticut Assembly names Garnet the state mineral
  • 1985 John Rodgers (compiler) Bedrock Geological Map of Connecticut

Geological Reports of Parks

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Kettletown State Park


41.424802, -73.208132

Kettletown State Park Connecticut State Park 605 acres in Oxford and Southbury, CT Parking: Several small lots at 1400 Georges Hill Rd, Southbury, CT Trail Map     … Read more…

Southford Falls


41.458784, -73.163979

Southford Falls State Park Connecticut State Park 169 acres in Southbury and Oxford, CT Parking: Large lot near 175 Quaker Farms Rd, Southbury, CT Trail Map   … Read more…

Talcott Ravine


41.823406, -72.493271

Talcott Ravine Northern Connecticut Land Trust Property 26 acres in Vernon, CT Parking: Medium sized lot near 9 Main St Vernon, CT Map         Trails:… Read more…

Penwood State Park


41.849723, -72.779525

Penwood State Park Connecticut State Park 787 acres in Simsbury and Bloomfield, CT Parking: Main Parking: Medium lot near 174 Hartford Rd, Simsbury, CT North End: Shoulder… Read more…