Benedict Benson Preserve

Avalonia Land Conservancy

94 acres in North Stonington, CT

Parking: Small lot near 101 Swantown Hill Rd, North Stonington, CT

Trail Map       Trails: 1.17 miles       Rating: ★★☆☆☆

The Benedict Benson Preserve is a small out of the way property with a nice lasso loop just past the Stonington Institute.  The small parking area has a nice kiosk and signage about Benedict Benson who sounds like he lived an long interesting and happy life at the property here (see a summary in the history section below)


This short 1.17 lasso loop heads off the left side of the parking area heading gradually downhill passing along old farm stonewalls.  The trail soon forks into a loop with another brief downhill with at least one short area flooded after recent rains.  Thankfully the property is rocky enough to make the area passable and it is likely dry most of the year.

At the far side of the loop the trail crosses a short bridge over Lantern Brook with a nice view upstream.  The sound of rushing water off in the distance suggested a little cascade.  As the trail turns uphill past the bridge you climb to a rocky ledge area.  I had hoped it would provide a view of whatever that rushing water was, but no such luck.

The next stretch is likely an old farm road through the woods and passes near the back of private property just shy of an old rusted car.  The old farm road continues towards the private property but the yellow trail curves to the right.  I was so distracted by the car I almost missed it.  One more rocky stream crossing and the loop completes taking the original trail back up to the parking area.


Preserved in 2016 when it was donated by Mimi and Brad Borden and named in honor of Benedict Bengt Benson, the first owner of the property and grandfather of Mrs. Borden.

Benedict lived from 1862-1957.  He was born in Sweden and immigrated to American at 17.  He lived in Boston and Rhode Island before moving to North Stonington in 1914.  Here he ran a farm, raised seven children, and crafted furniture.  A signboard at the trailhead give a more complete history.


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